Summer Business Camp 2019

Students In New York City during our 2019 Basic Camp

Youth About Business is a year round program with lots of opportunities to get involved. The intensive opportunities were during our Leadership Development Business Camps that took place during the summer months in Atlanta, Nashville and New York City! During the week long program, students had the chance to interact with seasoned executives who provide skilled-based learning as they competed in a merger and acquisition simulation. The winning teams from each of our camps have the chance to compete against all of the winning regional teams across the country at our “Championship Camp” in New York City. Returning students, have a second opportunity to compete and learn during our Advanced Camp taking place at Vanderbilt University. This year we evolved the Advanced Camp into our technology camp to further prepare students for careers in technology.  

2017 Championship Camp Teams Prepare for Final Competition

Championship Camp students have demonstrated their knowledge in business and skill at teamwork. Now they are gathered at Columbia University for one more chance to take home the title of National YAB Champions as well as stock in a major company.

Championship Camp session

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the final round of competition in this year’s Youth About Business summer programs – Championship Camp!

Championship Camp students have demonstrated their knowledge in business and skill at teamwork. Now they are gathered at Columbia University for one more chance to take home the title of National YAB Champions as well as stock in a major company.

Throughout the week these students will participate in sessions on business concepts and operations, visit some of the world’s largest corporations, and enjoy outings in the city as they continue to develop their intellectual and interpersonal skills in preparation to become the next generation of leaders.

This year’s Championship Camp teams are listed below, and each team shared with YAB thoughts on their approach to this week’s competition.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Nicholas Pena, Ryan Henry, Gabriel Hill, Namiah Hughes

We have a smaller team so we we are going to have to be more cohesive – be more involved as a whole and communicate between each other about what we’re working on.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Sondra Bagley, Kaleb Mack, Jhanvi Desai, Zachary Jackson

This team says their experiences at the YAB Basic and Advanced Camps will help them tackle the challenge of Championship Camp.

We’re already communicating well, we’re good presenters, good at answering questions, and good with numbers.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Celeste Jackson, Joshua Jeon, Kevan Washington, Katelyn Edwards

We’re a really well-rounded team. We know our stuff, we’re prepared and we’re coming ready to win.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Jeremy Fant, Kate Rives, Khushi Joshi, Marteas Johnson, Joshua Mack

This team says they won’t let the increased intensity and complexity of the Championship Camp case hold them back.

We’re focused, we’re ready to fight and we’re ten steps ahead.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Anthoneik Tatum, Jayden Mulligan, Stella Harkness, Thomas Lieber, Javian Bogan

The team worked together earlier this month at the Basic Columbia Camp, and they say with a little more effort and a lot more sleep, they can come out as a top-performing team.

We did it before and we can do it again. Our team brings every side of the C suite alive. We put our heads together, we’re competitive.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Christopher Jones, Dwight Levy, Kyla Bursey, Dylan France

We are all dedicated and interested in winning. We want to work our hardest and believe that if we give our best, we will receive the best.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Socrates Raftis, Jennifer Huang, Chyna Broodie, Miles Moody, Zoe Klenke

The team previously worked together at Basic Camp and says that that will help them with this new competition.

Now that we know our set roles from last [camp] we can work to better our understanding of the company we have and use that knowledge.

Our team is very well-equipped to handle the challenges of this program. Our team is also very diverse and we all complement each other. We’re all ready to face this challenge.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Courtney McCants, Sameer Chowdhury, Arnav Gupta, William Dionne

The stakes are higher, so all of us are going to increase our work effort.

Our main focus is to have extremely strong research – looking through all the forms like 10ks and outside research as well – so that we can have a competitive advantage against the other teams.

Championship Camp session
Team Members: Adrian Guo, Jaskaran Singh, Jerry Sun, Philip Meng, Sunny Hu

This team says they are ready to take on the challenges of Champ Camp now that they are working as a larger company in this round of competition.

We work really well together and we’ve gotten to know each other really well over the past few weeks. We were a good team to begin with in the first week, so I think we’re even better now.

Youth About Business: A Parent’s Perspective

Mr. Sam Kirk, I would like to thank you and the Youth About Business staff for identifying the South East Region, Atlanta in particular to host your Youth About Business Summer Camp. Upon learning about the YAB program and its offerings; I was in disbelief. Having high school students do business mergers and acquisitions did not seem logical or believable at the time. Much to my surprise, the week-long camp held at Emory University last week here in Atlanta, Georgia was phenomenal and proved me wrong on all accounts. I had two students attend and the exposure that they received cannot be matched.

YAB along with committed business men and women worked to make the camp experience a success for the students. King & Spalding a world renowned law firm, Nissan, and Sun Trust executives were just few of those who committed their time and service to the camp as sponsors and host. The students were exposed to researching and analyzing large companies, financial terminology, and proper executive etiquette. In addition, students were challenged to think critically, while taking on the roles of executives, i.e., CEO, COO, CRO, CLO, CITO, CMO, CLO, and CHRO (How many of these do you know?) as they planned and carried out mock mergers and acquisitions.

The culminating activity, a competition was very telling, allowing the student to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the week as they were judged by lawyers and executives. Did I mention the students who participated will have an opportunity to visit and learn about Wall Street for a whole week? What an experience! According to my students, “While the studies were rigorous, long hours and late nights, we still had time for making friends with students from other SE regions like Mississippi and Tennessee. In addition, we learned things we had never imagined.” “It was well worth the challenge.”

What I appreciate most about Mr. Kirk and Youth About Business is every student with a desire to participate was given that opportunity. Unlike most other academic camps where students are at a disadvantage due to academic performance, Youth About Business accepts students from all walks of life and cultures who are teachable and willing to learn. I encourage parents to check out YAB and give your student the experience of a life time. Thank you Mr. Kirk & Youth About Business!

Gloria Simmons
Atlanta Youth About Business Parent

Youth About Business: A Student’s Perspective

If someone had come up to me a week ago and said that I’d be going to a camp where phrases like “mergers and acquisitions” or “EBITDA and capital structure” were as commonly said as “I love you”, I’d call them crazy. If they had told me that I’d have to spend hours looking at financial reports and negotiating deals for the combining of two companies, I’d have slowly but surely backed warily away from them. And if that same person told me that I’d be taking on the role of CEO for a week, I’d probably direct them to a psychologist, just because I felt bad for them.

But today, I dare you to ask me about “EBITDA and capital structure” and I beg of you to give me another company to run because after a week at the Youth About Business camp, I know more about business and industry than I ever would have on my own. Considering I didn’t necessarily like business coming into this camp and how I feel leaving it, just proves how influential the program is on a teenager’s life. Even though I may never have a career in the business industry, I still came out of the camp feeling stronger and more confident about business. I know that with any career I decide to pursue, I will have an advantage simply because I know a little somethin’-somethin’ about mergers and acquisitions. Simply because I know somethin’ about business.

Like me, a teenager at this camp not only learns business terms and processes, but also life skills like time management and leadership. Most high school students don’t have access to much detailed information about the business industry. This camp provides students who would otherwise miss out on this learning opportunity with a rigorous week-long course that opens them up to a whole new world of possible careers they might never have known they liked. From dinners with CEOs and private meetings with lawyers, Youth About Business does it all and I say that any teenager lucky enough to be a part of this program is already one step closer to their dreams.

Sydney M. Laws
Youth About Business Summer Camp CEO
Emory University