The Huffington Post: An Open Letter to Secretary of Education John King, Jr.

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At Youth About Business, we recognize that investing in our young people is investing in the sustainability of our economy. We must provide a scalable solution so that the thousands of youth… Read More »

2015 YAB Winner’s Announcement

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Youth About Business (YAB) is proud to announce the winners of their 2015 Championship Summer Business Camp. In a mock merger and acquisition deal with three potential outcomes, the winning team of… Read More »

The Huffington Post: How Business Leaders Can Engage Young People and Help Them Rise Above Their Circumstances

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Is America’s current educational delivery system producing the desired results for business and industry today? Despite instant access to infinite information thanks to modern advances in technology, many of today’s students are… Read More »

The Huffington Post: Fostering Entrepreneurism at a Young Age Through Education

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Can you teach someone to be an entrepreneur, or are certain people born with the spirit and drive? Check out Sam Kirk’s full article about entrepreneurial education on The Huffington Post.

National Reporting Metrics 2014

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Greetings from Youth About Business Headquarters! We are excited to have had another tremendously successful summer. Youth About Business (YAB) saw nearly 600 students go through our Leadership Development Program, through our… Read More »

Youth About Business: A Parent’s Perspective

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Mr. Sam Kirk, I would like to thank you and the Youth About Business staff for identifying the South East Region, Atlanta in particular to host your Youth About Business Summer Camp…. Read More »

Youth About Business: A Student’s Perspective

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If someone had come up to me a week ago and said that I’d be going to a camp where phrases like “mergers and acquisitions” or “EBITDA and capital structure” were as… Read More »

Is the Public Education System Properly Preparing Diversity Youth for the Corporate Workplace?

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America’s promise is slowly slipping away from today’s youth, particularly diversity youth and those from underserved and diverse backgrounds. “In mathematics, 29 nations and other jurisdictions outperformed the United States by a… Read More »