JyotiName: Ebonee Bell
School: Tuskegee University
Major: Finance with a minor in international affairs
Years of YAB Participation: 2

Why did you choose to intern at YAB? 
I chose to intern at YAB to help someone else discover their passion and interest in business.

How has your perspective of YAB changed now that you have graduated out of the program?
I went to a new local pizza joint that is near headquarters, and had a quick conversation with the owner. I found out that he was a YAB alumnus, and he told me that the program had a heavy influence on his interest in entrepreneurship. My perspective is still the same – this program is changing lives and impacting this very community.

What impact has YAB had for you now that you are out of high school? 

YAB has had a heavy influence on my prospective career path and my current major.

What do you do as an intern at YAB? 
My responsibilities are alumni outreach, office management, budget and check requisition, and organizing our Championship Camp.

What is your favorite part of interning at YAB? 
My favorite part of my internship is working with my team to produce positive outcomes throughout all camps so that camp is an enjoyable and impactful experience for each student.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself settling down in a corporate company and expanding my own company, preparing to make the transition to self-employment.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I have a passion for helping other youth discover their power and true potential and channeling it to their success in the futures.

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