AutumnName: Autumn Smith
School: Georgia State University
Major: Finance 
Years of YAB Participation: 2

Why did you choose to intern at YAB?
I chose to be an intern because I truly understand the value of this organization. The relationships that Mr. Kirk has developed are unmatched and I wanted to be able to contribute to giving students like myself exposure to the business world.

How has your perspective of YAB changed now that you have graduated out of the program?
Now that I’ve finished the program I think that I can truly reflect on the level of exposure and rigor of the cases. While you’re in camp you don’t really know any better and you just kind of adapt to what you’re given. However, from the outside looking in and as a college student, it is very evident how competitive this program is.

What impact has YAB had for you now that you are out of high school?
With the help of my parents and other mentors YAB has definitely contributed to my success not only in my career, but in life in general. The skills that you learn through the program, such as critical thinking and the ability to work with a team, are all skills that you need no matter what field you choose to go in.

What do you do as an intern at YAB?
I am currently responsible for coordinating all of the executive volunteer logistics for all of the various camps across the country.

What is your favorite part of interning at YAB?
My favorite part is definitely the interaction with the students. It’s amazing to watch how engaged and passionate they are about the material, especially because I’ve been in their shoes before.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
My goal is to work at Bloomberg in the Business News department!

What’s a fun fact about yourself?
I did a study abroad program in 6th grade in Turkey to learn about the language and culture of the Middle East.

What is your favorite hobby?
In my free time I enjoy giving back to the community. I started a nonprofit organization with my Mom, where we put together events such as feeding the homeless, school supply drives for less fortunate children and giving spa days to women in domestic violence shelters.

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